Our community of investors is a source of great ideas and inspiration to us.  We enjoy discussing investing topics of common interest…and we get tremendous satisfaction knowing we are all growing as investors and providers to our families.  We welcome families to join our group events, especially spouses and children so all can understand and grow in financial knowledge.  Click below to start participating now!

The Passivo Investor Facebook Group

Joining the Passivo Investor Network also gives you exclusive membership to our private Facebook Group, a “no pitch”, community building, team-learning private Facebook group for Serious Passive Investors Only

You can ask questions, connect with other investors, and pick the brain of industry professionals that you don’t have the chance to meet in person.

You’ll be sent an automatic access link after you join the PIN

The Passivo Investor Meetup

If you are in the Miami area, this is your chance to meet other successful passive investors and real estate pros in person and take your passive investment knowledge to the next level.

Come ready to learn, build relationships, and share your insights with other real estate investors and industry pros. We have inspiring
conversations over a few cold beers and small bites, once a month.

(Due to the pandemic and all the social distancing restrictions, our meetup group is temporarily suspended until further notice)


The Passivo Investor Webinars

Not In Miami, But Still Want To Learn About Passive Investing in Commercial Real Estate?

Well, The Passivo Investor Webinars are basically “online meetups” created for serious passive investors looking to learn from long-time succesful investors and real estate professionals.

Our webinars are held monthly and have only one goal, helping you become a better passive investor. These are educational, family friendly, value only, and no pitches, online events.