About Passivo

Volatility and uncertainty are no fun. We didn’t like them either, and that’s why we started Passivo

Passivo is about helping you and your family move along the path to Financial and Time Freedom.

We enjoy seeing people grow and succeed. Our vision for your future is that you will have passive income that exceeds expenses and gives your family many more options and freedom in life.

That means spending more time with your family, traveling more, pursuing your passions, and creating a legacy that lasts long after you are gone.

Join us as we build passive income and generational wealth for our families and yours.


The Passivo founders started as independent real estate investors searching for new multifamily acquisitions. They met at a CCIM event in 2017, and as they talked over lunch they realized they shared a passion:

Lennon (a Venezuelan) and Stony (a Floridian) hit it off as they pursued their investment goals and acquired interests in properties in Texas and Florida. At the same time, Lennon built a popular monthly multifamily meetup in Miami.

Their chance meeting at that lunch led to a partnership in teaching the advantages of passive investing in commercial real estate to other families. From the Multifamily Meetup to educational resources to teaching youngsters in Big Brothers & Big Sisters how to play the Cash Flow game, they continued to reach out to their communities. And finally, it led to the creation of Passivo REI.

stony and lenon

Stony had an interest in real estate since his first acquisition of a beachfront vacation condo on Siesta Key in Sarasota, Florida in 1974.

Stony started his career with NASA in the Apollo space program working on the Instrument Unit of the Saturn V rocket. Later, he was with Florida Power and Light Company managing Telecommunications and winning Network World’s national User Excellence Award. Stony was the catalyst in forming

FPL FiberNet, a fiber optic telecommunications transmission company, he started a radio tower leasing business for FPL and he wrote the business plan which was used to migrate the country’s first broadcast TV transmissions from satellites to fiber optics networks.

During his career in technology, Stony invested in income-producing vacation condos, land, and single family homes in Florida and North Carolina. He was also involved in major commercial real estate development, including office complexes up to 600,000 square feet, warehouses, transportation centers and service centers.


He is currently a full-time commercial real estate investor and real estate professional, with investments in over 1,000 units of multifamily properties in Florida and Texas. Stony also holds the CCIM designation as a commercial real estate professional.

Stony holds a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering degree from Georgia Tech, an MBA from the University of Miami and has completed post-graduate studies at MIT as well as numerous professional business courses. Stony is married to Anne Grealy and they have a son, Graham.


Lennon came to the United States with his family in 2009 due to unrest in his home country of Venezuela. While he had visited the States many times growing up, he knew this move could be permanent.

He took responsibility for investing his family’s life savings in real estate to build a solid future for his parents and siblings.

Alongside his investment partners, he has been involved in the acquisition of over 2000 units of multifamily real estate with an approximate market value of $200 million.

A full-time investor and real estate professional based in Miami, FL, Lennon is also the founder of The Passivo Investor Meetup (formerly The Multifamily Investor Club), a knowledge-sharing and networking community, focusing on providing an educational and relationship-building platform for local passive real estate investors.

He holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Telecommunication Engineering and a Master’s Degree in Engineering Management from FIU. He is also a Licensed Real Estate Advisor in the State of Florida.

Lennon Lee