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Your money is hard-earned and easily lost. Your time even more so. This may be the ideal opportunity to solve both of those problems for good.
With our extensive experience in the passive investing space, we have identified 4 Key Drivers to consistently improve your investing knowledge, your gains, and your ability to create a system that protects and builds on your success.
multifamily investing

Do you have a network of like-minded passive investors and high-income earners who can tell the real deal from a time-wasting fraud?

Your network is your net worth — point blank. That is not just a saying, it’s a way of life for most truly successful people.

When you access our private online community, you’ll be able to meet other passive investors at their own stages of the financial freedom journey. Compare notes, ask questions, and perhaps even start some friendships with like-minded folks who are all building a better future for their families.

And picture this: once you have some experience, you’ll be able to give back and share your advice with other members who are just getting started.

That’s worth more than money (trust us, it feels REALLY good to be a part of something bigger than yourself)

Do you have insider facts on the ground about what actually works (and what fails) for cash-flowing commercial real estate properties that provide tax-friendly passive income?

As you may already know, multifamily syndications are one of the most advantageous ways to protect and grow your wealth in a totally passive way.

However, there are a lot of over-priced, under-capitalized deals out there, and more than a few sloppy operators.

Remember, the number one rule is always capital preservation.

What would really help is to get some customized quarterly reports from current property operations in some of the hottest markets in the country, so you can truly understand how your money would be deployed. It also helps you get comfortable with the entire process from funding, through the holding period, to the final sale.

We mean truly invaluable research, proven out in practice rather than in theory.

Every quarter our Club members get these special reports. Plus, we also occasionally do bonus video training that the public cannot access.

Your investing education is never complete, but these are like masterclass cheat sheets.

tax deferred investing
tax deferred investing

Do you have a team of vetted wealth-building pros who know how to protect your legacy?

We’re talking about specialized accountants, lawyers, and financial planners who truly understand wealth protection strategies, tax deferral and sheltering, and sophisticated financial products.

It can be hard to pick from all the options out there. And worse, you only find out you’ve made the wrong choice months (or even years) later, after you catch the painful mistakes.

An easier way would be to have us directly introduce you to our carefully selected list of Passivo Pros.

These are elite professionals that we have worked with and verified that they truly have what it takes to support a Better Investor.

Do you have access to carefully filtered off-market commercial real estate investment opportunities that build wealth unlike anything available in the stock market?

Once you’ve got the other 3 drivers, you then need a steady stream of investment vehicles to put everything into action.

But how much free time do you have to find such deals? Isn’t this supposed to be passive?

That’s where we come in:

We research, source, and put together multifamily syndications that meet our rigorous investing rules for max financial and time freedom. We leverage our existing network of operators for local advantages. Then we offer these deals to our members.

However, federal regulations say that sponsors can only make an investment offer to someone with whom they have a reasonable pre-existing relationship.

Joining the Better Investor Club satisfies that requirement.


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Passivo is about helping you and your family move along the path to Financial and Time Freedom.

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