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How Can Passive Investing Change Your Life?

Here are some potential long-term outcomes of making IDEAL investments with a multifamily real estate syndication & using the passive income returns to find new opportunities in your life!
Become financially stable for the first time & stop stressing out about money
Quit a job you hate or switch to a lower-stress job
Gain precious time with your family & friends
Head into early retirement, semi-retirement, or start working from home
Build a steady stream of disposable income for luxury & travel
Become an entrepreneur or fund a new business venture
Tax benefits & much more

The Benefits Of
Passive Real Estate Investing

Advantages Of The
Passivo Better Investor Club

passive real estate investment

Access to Passive Real Estate
Multifamily Investing Deals

You’ll uncover exclusive deals on passive multifamily real estate investments, designed specifically for the Better Investor Club. As a member of the club, you will become part of a community of like-minded investors who will help you succeed both personally and financially.

Access to Passivo
Investor Portal

Take your first steps towards passive income, become a member of Better Investor Club and gain access to the Passivo Investor Portal.
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Access to our online knowledge base
and networking platform

As a Club member, you get exclusive content and training that will aid your financial literacy, reveal all the secrets behind multifamily syndications, and ultimately make you a much more informed and successful passive real estate investor.
Financial Freedom

Access to Quarterly Reports

Members also get a quarterly special report, which is a more in-depth exploration of the industry and our latest research than what we share in our monthly public newsletter.
financial achievement
financial achievement

Access a curated list of
what we call the "Passivo Pros

These are the professionals that every savvy investor needs in their corner, like tax experts and attorneys, that we have personally vetted during our many deals and years in the industry.

How it Works

Cash Flow Investing


We purchase homes that are well-suited for renting and selling. We negotiate the sale and then close the deal.

Cash Flow Investing


Your investment is completely secure. Your 1st position lien is fully collateralized by the assets of the company.



We manage all aspects of the property, including renovations, sourcing tenants and buyers, collecting rent and mortgage payments.



You will earn monthly interest checks, and you will be repaid in full within 60 months.

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Passivo is about helping you and your family move along the path to Financial and Time Freedom.

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